We run matches every Sunday. In the winter the draw is at 08:30, fishing from 10:00 to 16:00. During summer months, the draw is at 09:30, fishing from 11:00 to 17:00. The matches normally alternate between Long’s and Sellick’s but this is subject to change due to club bookings. Entry fee is £23 (£26 bank holidays), which includes Golden Peg and Champion of Champions. The Golden Peg is capped at £150 and our two Champion of Champions finals matches are held on the penultimate and final Sunday of September (silvers and carp). We also run a silvers knock up match every Friday, which is £10 all in, with the draw and fishing times according to the season.

Fancy getting involved? We love to see new faces and we’re a friendly bunch, so come along! If you’re that good you might even be featured with the happy anglers below.

We appreciate and thank all of our anglers for their continuous support to the fishery.

Sunday - 02.08.20
1st Brendon Ions 102lb 9oz
2nd Bill Hopping 72lb 11oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 14lb 4oz
Sunday - 26.07.20
1st Gary Webber 88lb 3oz
2nd Jack Palmer 81lb 9oz
Silvers Jess Jordan 12lb
Sunday - 05.07.20
1st Tony Rixon 112lb 8oz
2nd Glen Bailey 110lb 2oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 17lb 15oz
Sunday - 28.06.20
1st Ant Piekielniak 217lb 6oz
2nd Dave Romain 153lb 4oz
Silvers Adrian Bishop 26lb 12oz
Sunday - 14.06.20
1st Dan Govier 138lb 5oz
2nd Bill Hopping 111lb 7oz
Silvers Mike Bendle 20lb 13oz
Sunday - 15.03.20
1st Steve Collins 58lb 15oz
2nd Chris Witham 53lb 6oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 27lb 6oz
Sunday - 08.03.20
1st Mark Leahy 94lb
2nd Jim Jenner 53lb 6oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 19lb 6oz
Sunday - 01.03.20
1st Martin Addicott 50lb 14oz
2nd Mark Leahy 39lb
Silvers Bill Hopping 9lb 9oz
Sunday - 23.02.20
1st Alvin Jones 105lb 13oz
2nd Martin Addicott 70lb 12oz
Silvers Glyn Wickham 10lb 7oz
Sunday - 09.02.20
1st Steve Collins 81lb 3oz
2nd Phil Bailey 52lb 12oz
Silvers Ray Wickham 7lb 6oz
Sunday - 02.02.2020
1st Bill Hopping 89lb 7oz
2nd Martin Addicott 57lb 9oz
Silvers Martin Addicott 10lb 9oz
Sunday - 26.01.20
1st Bill Hopping 146lb 10oz
2nd Adrian Bishop 50lb 7oz
Silvers Toby Burrell 14lb 1oz
Sunday - 19.01.20
1st Wayne Michael 112lb 14oz
2nd Bill Hopping 78lb 10oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 9lb
Sunday - 12.01.20
1st Mark Leahy 156lb 2oz
2nd Jamie Parkhouse 68lb 10oz
Silvers Bill Hopping 6lb 10oz
Sunday - 05.01.20
1st Bredon Ions 92lb 3oz
2nd Rob Birch 64lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb
Sunday - 29.12.19
1st John Miles 68lb 5oz
2nd Martin Addicott 66lb
Silvers Roy Hughes 16lb 10oz
Sunday - 22.12.19
1st Mark Leahy 68lb 6oz
2nd Martin Addicott 50lb 1oz
Silvers Bill Hopping 15lb 4oz
Sunday - 15.12.19
1st Martin Addicott 37lb 15oz
2nd Mark Leahy 22lb 13oz
Silvers Jim Jenner 4lb 10oz
Sunday - 08.12.19
1st Martin Heard 76lb 14oz
2nd Elliot Hay 74lb 14oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 20lb 7oz
Sunday - 01.12.19
1st Bill Hopping 146lb 5oz
2nd Kevin Osborne 33lb 5oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 9lb 7oz
Sunday - 24.11.19
1st Bill Hopping 97lb 6oz
2nd Kevin Osbourne 68lb 3oz
Silvers Will Puddy 12lb 2oz
Sunday - 17.11.19
1st Martin Heard 109lb 11oz
2nd Jim Jenner 60lb 7oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 12lb 5oz
Sunday - 10.11.19
1st Bruce Hunt 62lb 12oz
2nd Martin Heard 56lb 13oz
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 13lb 8oz
Sunday - 03.11.19
1st Jim Jenner 83lb
2nd Glen Coburn 77lb 10oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 19lb
Sunday - 27.10.19
1st Sam Powell 109lb 15oz
2nd Jim Jenner 88lb 6oz
Silvers John Billet 4lb 1oz
Sunday - 20.10.19
1st Jim Jenner 169lb 14oz
2nd Glen Coburn 112lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 15lb 3oz
Sunday - 13.09.19
1st Bill Hopping 125lb 5oz
2nd John Billet 107lb 3oz
Silvers Mark Leahy 28lb 9oz
Sunday - 06.10.19
1st Bill Hopping 113lb 13oz
2nd Trevor Heathman 77lb 12oz
Silvers Mark Leahy 4lb 6oz
Sunday - 29.09.19
1st Roy Hughes 10lb 9oz
2nd Roger Kimberly 10lb 5oz
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 9lb 14oz
Sunday - 29.09.19
1st Jim Jenner 201lb 9oz
2nd Trevor Heathman 116lb 7oz
Silvers John Billet 14lb 8oz
Sunday - 22.09.19
1st Sam Powell 164lb 7oz
2nd Chris Bolton 114lb 5oz
Silvers Nick Chedzoy - Carp 90lb13oz
Sunday - 15.09.19
1st Toby Burrells 238lb 7oz
2nd John Billet 120lb 3oz
Silvers Martin Billet 15lb 3oz
Sunday - 08.09.19
1st Paul Elms 111lb 8oz
2nd Tony Rixon 103lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb 14oz
Sunday - 01.09.19
1st Gary Webber 137lb 10oz
2nd Sam Powell 135lb 15oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 13lb 8oz
Sunday - 25.08.19
1st Roy Hughes 171lb 2oz
2nd Carl Everton 126lb 10oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 21b 5oz
Sunday - 18.08.19
1st Bill Hopping 202lb 5oz
2nd Jack Billet 190lb 11oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 14lb 7oz
Sunday - 11.08.19
1st Sam Powell 164lb 8oz
2nd Roy Hughes 147lb 14oz
Silvers No silvers match
Sunday - 04.08.19
1st Roy Hughes 159lb 12oz
2nd Toby Burrel 130lb 4oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 17lb 11oz
Sunday - 28.07.19
1st Sam Powell 158lb 10oz
2nd Jason King 89lb 6oz
Silvers Paul Purchase 12lb 10oz
Sunday - 21.07.19
1st Nick Chedzio 147lb 2oz
2nd Bill Hopping 146lb 3oz
Silvers Rob Birch 19lb 6oz
Sunday - 14.07.19
1st Steve Barrell 112lb 3oz
2nd Gareth Lenox 111lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 12lb 10oz
Sunday - 07.07.19
1st Sam Powell 154lb 15oz
2nd Bill Hopping 133lb 4oz
Silvers Martin Billet 14lb 7oz
Sunday (Silvers only) - 30.06.19
1st Alvin Jones 25lb 14oz
2nd Jeff Sparkes 19lb 8oz
Sunday - 23.06.19
1st Bill Hopping 182lb 14oz
2nd Steve Barrow 130lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 21lb 2oz
Sunday - 16.06.19
1st John Page 108lb
2nd Mark Jones 54lb 12oz
Silvers Glyn Wickham 20lb 8oz
Sunday - 09.06.19
1st Toby Burrel 108lb 8oz
2nd Bill Hopping 83lb 6oz
Silvers Martin Billet 11lb 16oz
Sunday - 02.06.19
1st Eric Fouracres 153lb 10oz
2nd Lewis Jones 110lb 2oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 17lb 13oz
Monday - 27.05.19
1st Bill Hopping 64lb 7oz
2nd Rob Walters 48lb
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 20lb 14oz
Sunday - 26.05.19
1st Mark Lehay 166lb 5oz
2nd Bill Hopping 149lb 4oz
Silvers Martin Billet 14lb
Sunday - 19.05.19
1st Dave Romain 106lb 2oz
2nd Bill Hopping 100lb
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 20lb 9oz
Sunday - 12.05.19
1st Jack Billet 118lb 13oz
2nd Paul Jackson 101lb 4oz
Silvers Rob Birch 9lb 6oz
Monday - 06.05.19
1st Bill Hopping 168lb 5oz
2nd Roy Hughes 92lb 1oz
Silvers Chris Morson 14lb 7oz
Sunday - 05.05.19
1st Jack Billet 117lb 1oz
2nd Paul Jackson 112lb 10oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 23lb 8oz
Sunday - 28.04.19
1st Dave Romain 97lb 9oz
2nd Dan Squires 64lb 8oz
Silvers Steve Jackson 16lb 4oz
Monday - 22.04.19
1st Bill Hopping 175lb 2oz
2nd Mark Lehay 131lb 1oz
Silvers Jess Jordan 17lb 11oz
Sunday - 21.04.19
1st Alvin Jones 87lb 14oz
2nd Bruce Hunt 85lb 11oz
Silvers Paul Purchase 19lb 8oz
Sunday - 14.04.19
1st Neil Venning 43lb 11oz
2nd John Billet 36lb 9oz
Silvers Eric Fourachers 8lb 12oz
Sunday - 07.04.19
1st Jack Billet 69lb 5oz
2nd Gabriel Skabra 65lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb 1oz