We run matches every Sunday. In the winter the draw is at 08:30, fishing from 10:00 to 16:00. During summer months, the draw is at 09:30, fishing from 11:00 to 17:00. The matches normally alternate between Long’s and Sellick’s but this is subject to change due to club bookings. Entry fee is £22 (£25 bank holidays), which includes Golden Peg and Champion of Champions. The Golden Peg is capped at £150 and our two Champion of Champions finals matches are held on the penultimate and final Sunday of September (silvers and carp). We also run a silvers knock up match every Friday, which is £10 all in, with the draw and fishing times according to the season. Thanks to all the anglers that support the fishery.

Sunday - 05.01.20
1st Bredon Ions 92lb 3oz
2nd Rob Birch 64lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb
Sunday - 29.12.19
1st John Miles 68lb 5oz
2nd Martin Addicott 66lb
Silvers Roy Hughes 16lb 10oz
Sunday - 22.12.19
1st Mark Leahy 68lb 6oz
2nd Martin Addicott 50lb 1oz
Silvers Bill Hopping 15lb 4oz
Sunday - 15.12.19
1st Martin Addicott 37lb 15oz
2nd Mark Leahy 22lb 13oz
Silvers Jim Jenner 4lb 10oz
Sunday - 08.12.19
1st Martin Heard 76lb 14oz
2nd Elliot Hay 74lb 14oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 20lb 7oz
Sunday - 01.12.19
1st Bill Hopping 146lb 5oz
2nd Kevin Osborne 33lb 5oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 9lb 7oz
Sunday - 24.11.19
1st Bill Hopping 97lb 6oz
2nd Kevin Osbourne 68lb 3oz
Silvers Will Puddy 12lb 2oz
Sunday - 17.11.19
1st Martin Heard 109lb 11oz
2nd Jim Jenner 60lb 7oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 12lb 5oz
Sunday - 10.11.19
1st Bruce Hunt 62lb 12oz
2nd Martin Heard 56lb 13oz
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 13lb 8oz
Sunday - 03.11.19
1st Jim Jenner 83lb
2nd Glen Coburn 77lb 10oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 19lb
Sunday - 27.10.19
1st Sam Powell 109lb 15oz
2nd Jim Jenner 88lb 6oz
Silvers John Billet 4lb 1oz
Sunday - 20.10.19
1st Jim Jenner 169lb 14oz
2nd Glen Coburn 112lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 15lb 3oz
Sunday - 13.09.19
1st Bill Hopping 125lb 5oz
2nd John Billet 107lb 3oz
Silvers Mark Leahy 28lb 9oz
Sunday - 06.10.19
1st Bill Hopping 113lb 13oz
2nd Trevor Heathman 77lb 12oz
Silvers Mark Leahy 4lb 6oz
Sunday - 29.09.19
1st Roy Hughes 10lb 9oz
2nd Roger Kimberly 10lb 5oz
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 9lb 14oz
Sunday - 29.09.19
1st Jim Jenner 201lb 9oz
2nd Trevor Heathman 116lb 7oz
Silvers John Billet 14lb 8oz
Sunday - 22.09.19
1st Sam Powell 164lb 7oz
2nd Chris Bolton 114lb 5oz
Silvers Nick Chedzoy - Carp 90lb13oz
Sunday - 15.09.19
1st Toby Burrells 238lb 7oz
2nd John Billet 120lb 3oz
Silvers Martin Billet 15lb 3oz
Sunday - 08.09.19
1st Paul Elms 111lb 8oz
2nd Tony Rixon 103lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb 14oz
Sunday - 01.09.19
1st Gary Webber 137lb 10oz
2nd Sam Powell 135lb 15oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 13lb 8oz
Sunday - 25.08.19
1st Roy Hughes 171lb 2oz
2nd Carl Everton 126lb 10oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 21b 5oz
Sunday - 18.08.19
1st Bill Hopping 202lb 5oz
2nd Jack Billet 190lb 11oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 14lb 7oz
Sunday - 11.08.19
1st Sam Powell 164lb 8oz
2nd Roy Hughes 147lb 14oz
Silvers No silvers match
Sunday - 04.08.19
1st Roy Hughes 159lb 12oz
2nd Toby Burrel 130lb 4oz
Silvers Jamie Rich 17lb 11oz
Sunday - 28.07.19
1st Sam Powell 158lb 10oz
2nd Jason King 89lb 6oz
Silvers Paul Purchase 12lb 10oz
Sunday - 21.07.19
1st Nick Chedzio 147lb 2oz
2nd Bill Hopping 146lb 3oz
Silvers Rob Birch 19lb 6oz
Sunday - 14.07.19
1st Steve Barrell 112lb 3oz
2nd Gareth Lenox 111lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 12lb 10oz
Sunday - 07.07.19
1st Sam Powell 154lb 15oz
2nd Bill Hopping 133lb 4oz
Silvers Martin Billet 14lb 7oz
Sunday (Silvers only) - 30.06.19
1st Alvin Jones 25lb 14oz
2nd Jeff Sparkes 19lb 8oz
Sunday - 23.06.19
1st Bill Hopping 182lb 14oz
2nd Steve Barrow 130lb 14oz
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 21lb 2oz
Sunday - 16.06.19
1st John Page 108lb
2nd Mark Jones 54lb 12oz
Silvers Glyn Wickham 20lb 8oz
Sunday - 09.06.19
1st Toby Burrel 108lb 8oz
2nd Bill Hopping 83lb 6oz
Silvers Martin Billet 11lb 16oz
Sunday - 02.06.19
1st Eric Fouracres 153lb 10oz
2nd Lewis Jones 110lb 2oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 17lb 13oz
Monday - 27.05.19
1st Bill Hopping 64lb 7oz
2nd Rob Walters 48lb
Silvers Jeff Sparkes 20lb 14oz
Sunday - 26.05.19
1st Mark Lehay 166lb 5oz
2nd Bill Hopping 149lb 4oz
Silvers Martin Billet 14lb
Sunday - 19.05.19
1st Dave Romain 106lb 2oz
2nd Bill Hopping 100lb
Silvers Gabriel Skabra 20lb 9oz
Sunday - 12.05.19
1st Jack Billet 118lb 13oz
2nd Paul Jackson 101lb 4oz
Silvers Rob Birch 9lb 6oz
Monday - 06.05.19
1st Bill Hopping 168lb 5oz
2nd Roy Hughes 92lb 1oz
Silvers Chris Morson 14lb 7oz
Sunday - 05.05.19
1st Jack Billet 117lb 1oz
2nd Paul Jackson 112lb 10oz
Silvers Alvin Jones 23lb 8oz
Sunday - 28.04.19
1st Dave Romain 97lb 9oz
2nd Dan Squires 64lb 8oz
Silvers Steve Jackson 16lb 4oz
Monday - 22.04.19
1st Bill Hopping 175lb 2oz
2nd Mark Lehay 131lb 1oz
Silvers Jess Jordan 17lb 11oz
Sunday - 21.04.19
1st Alvin Jones 87lb 14oz
2nd Bruce Hunt 85lb 11oz
Silvers Paul Purchase 19lb 8oz
Sunday - 14.04.19
1st Neil Venning 43lb 11oz
2nd John Billet 36lb 9oz
Silvers Eric Fourachers 8lb 12oz
Sunday - 07.04.19
1st Jack Billet 69lb 5oz
2nd Gabriel Skabra 65lb 12oz
Silvers Roy Hughes 12lb 1oz