Big 8 is a well-stocked specimen lake. All the carp are in excellent condition, which include fifty 20lb’s and two 30lb’s, one of them called Moley, which was caught in 2018 at 35lb 11oz.

Formerly known as Perch Pit, this pond is over fifty years old and was dug out by the workers of Colthurst and Symons for the Brick Industry.

This is our largest pond with an area of 3.5 acres. It’s set in the centre of the fishery and has 10 swims that are well spaced apart. Big 8 is rectangular in design with two spits protruding on opposite sides, between them is a small island which helps to form the shape of a number 8.

The railway side has its own track leading to 4 dug out swims. The edges are secure with oak sleepers and includes steps down to the woodchipped swim, perfect for a bit of cover on a windy day and a popular spot for night fishing. The main road side has 6 swims, two on each bank.

There are four large lily pads of different colours, all of which include underwater reed beds.