Long’s is positioned alongside the track which runs through the fishery. The pegs along the track feature stepped access down to dug out swims. All the other pegs around the pond are level with the grass, this includes two disabled friendly platforms. There are 40 pegs in total, all well spaced apart.

The large central island gives each swim approximately 16 metres, a good reach for a pole or waggler. There are a couple of pegs where you can fish to the point of the island, ideal for the tip rod. Long’s is well stocked with carp and silvers with a few surprises. Carp can reach double figures and there are some decent sized bream.

The island is flat and covered in bladed sedge with a row of weeping willow planted on the north side, where you’ll benefit from the cover alongside the dark water when there’s sunshine. On the bank between each swim is a small hedgerow which gives good cover for the margins.

The best baits to use during summer are paste, meat and pellet, and for the winter months, expander and pinkies.